Double A Photocopy Paper Box of 5 Ream
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  • 1 Box =  5 Ream

  • Finnest Paper Quality

  • 500 Sheets in one Ream

  • Smooth Paper 

  • Bright & White

Double A A4 Paper in Nepal

Double A A4 paper is suitable for a wide range of applications, including printing, copying, and writing. It is available in a range of weights and finishes to meet different needs and preferences from lightweight copy paper to heavy cardstock and glossy photo paper. Double A A3 paper is a trusted and reliable choice for businesses, schools, and individuals who value quality and sustainability in their paper products. Double A A4 paper in Nepal usually comes in two sizes i.e. 70gsm and 80gsm. Here, 1 ream consists of 500 sheets of paper and one cartoon consists of 5 reams.

Double A A4 paper in Nepal sets the benchmark with super smooth, high-performance paper produced in an environmentally sustainable process. It is the paper from KHAN-NA

Double A’s paper from KHAN-NA is a unique model of sustainable fiber sourcing for high-quality paper, which mitigates Global Warming. This process creates positive rural community engagement, job opportunities, and better livelihood for the farmers and members of the community.No waste is wasted in Double A’s environmentally friendly process. Double A utilizes renewable energy from wood by-products and processes excess rainwater runoff in our paper production.

Double A’s smooth quality comes from the “Paper Tree”. The high fibrous content gives the paper a smooth finish, clearer & sharper prints, and high opacity for double-sided printing.

This product is manufactured by Double A (1991) PLC

Which has been certified with the following certifications:

-ISO 9001: 2015 (Quality Management Systems)

-ISO 14001: 2015 (Environmental Management Systems)

-ISO 45001:2018(Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems)

Double A A4 paper in Nepal is available in both sizes i.e. Everyday and Premium.

High-quality paper. Enhances value for your everyday work, everyday copying, and printing premium paper. Double A A4 paper is made in Thailand. Double A A4 paper size 210 x 297mm. It is white in color. Double A A4 paper 70gsm Everyday price in Nepal is Rs. 590 per ream. Here, In one ream there are 500 sheets of paper. The price for Double-A A4 paper 80 gsm is Rs.680 per ream. Double A A4 paper is also called ‘The Blue Hero’.

Double A A4 paper 80gsm in Wholesale price 

With thousands of brands available in the market, it’s a dilemma to find a quality product at a reasonable price. It’s an investment of the organization in a sense that is used in every single workday. Organizations should buy a higher quality A4 paper ensuring its compactness and diligence.

What is the price of Double A A4 paper?
Buy Double A A4 Paper ream- 70gsm and 80gsm online at the best price -Kinniho.

New Muktinath Traders and Suppliers is the authorized distributor of Double A A4 paper in Nepal. They offer a variety of options for Double A A4 paper, including different gsm (grams per square meter) and sheet quantities. Buy Double A Copier paper at Best Prices Online in Nepal. a4 size paper 500 sheets price in Nepal double A a4 price for 500 sheets 70 gsm is Rs. 590. Delivery facilities are available (Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur).

For the 80gsm variant of Double A A4 paper, they sell a pack of 500 sheets at a price of Rs. 680. The weight of this pack is approximately 2.6 kg.If you are looking for the 70gsm variant, they offer a pack of 500 sheets at a price of Rs. 590. The weight of this pack is not specified.
Double A A4 paper is available wholesale as well. New Muktinath Traders and Suppliers sell Double A A4 paper of 80gsm in bulk at a price of Rs. 675.
They also offer Double A Photocopy paper in A4 size with a weight of 70gsm. One ream of this paper contains 500 sheets and is available at a price of Rs. 590.

Additionally, they provide Double A premium white paper reams with a weight of 80gsm. The price for a pack of 500 sheets is Rs. 680.
If you want to buy Double A A4 paper at the best prices online in Nepal, New Muktinath Traders and Suppliers is the recommended place to go. They offer competitive prices for Double-A A4 paper and cater to both premium and everyday paper needs.

Overall, New Muktinath Traders and Suppliers is a reliable distributor of Double A A4 paper in Nepal, offering a variety of options and competitive prices for customers in need of quality paper products.


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