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HOCO Steel Man Charging Cable (TypeC) – U14

U14 Steel man charging cable Type-C aka USB 1.2m 2.4A current TPE outer braid ABS shell compatible with phone cases dual blue indicators

SKU: HOCO - Charging Cable (TypeC) – U14

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NPR. 599.00

1. Length: 1.2m. Weight: 26g.
2. TPE outer cladding wire drawing noodle-shaped cable.
3. Connector: ABS shell, electroplated with metallic paint, stepped connector design.
4. Tinned copper wire core, with 126 wires, 2.4A current.
5. Iron Man style, blue indicator light, unique appearance.

  • Dimension : 1.2m
  • Weight : 26g

SKU : HOCO - Charging Cable (TypeC) – U14

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