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-14% Godrej Chest Freezer 300L Model- DH EPENTA 325C 31 CMFH2LM RW

Godrej Chest Freezer 300L Model- DH EPENTA 325C 31 CMFH2LM RW

Quick Overview

  • Energy Efficient Operation
  • Pentacool Technology
  • D-Cool Technology
  • 5 Year Compressor Warranty
  • Eco-friendly Refrigerant
  • Convertible Technology
  • LED Cabinet Light
  • Superior Cooling Retention
  • Tropicalised Compressor
  • UV Protected Body
  • ZOP Technology
  • Anti-Rodent Cabinet
  • Multi-Handle System
  • Cord Winding Station
  • Largest Service Network
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Godrej Chest Freezer 300L


Brand: Godrej

Energy Efficient Operation
The energy efficient range of Godrej Chest Freezers run at a low cost and ensure a higher power saving.

Pentacool Technology
Godrej Chest Freezers offer 5-side cooling that allow uniform and faster cooling.

D-Cool Technology
Godrej Chest Freezers offer D-shaped cooling coils for quick freezing and higher cooling efficiency.

5 Year Compressor Warranty
Godrej Chest Freezers come with a compressor warranty of 5 years, guaranteeing peace of mind.

Eco-friendly Refrigerant
With R290, the world's greenest refrigerant, Godrej Appliances offer the most environment friendly chest freezers.

Convertible Technology
Godrej Chest Freezers come with convertible technology that offers a temperature range of -29°C to +8°C that allows you to store a wide variety of items.

LED Cabinet Light
The unique positioning of the bright LED light in the cabinet allows greater visibility and convenience.

Superior Cooling Retention
High density PUF insulation allows superior cooling retention, even during power cuts.

Tropicalised Compressor
The tropical compressor in Godrej Chest Freezers is made for Indian summers and ensure high performance freezing even in high ambient temperature.

UV Protected Body
The UV-protected body avoids discolouration and ensures long lasting aesthetics.

ZOP Technology
Godrej Chest Freezers come with anti-corrosive coating for rust-free operation.

Anti-Rodent Cabinet
Godrej Chest Freezers have specially designed bodies to keep the rodents at bay.

Multi-Handle System
Godrej Chest Freezers come with 4 handles that provide easy accessibility in most placements.

Cord Winding Station
This feature eliminates the inconvenience of managing the cord and improves its durability by minimising wear and tear.

Largest Service Network
Godrej Chest Freezers are made to last but if you ever need assistance, over 680 service centres and 4500 SmartBuddy techniciancs are at your service.


Brand Godrej
Capacity In Ltrs 300Ltrs.
Dimensions 1156(w) x 748(d) x 885(h) mm
PUF Thickness Side Wall (70 mm), Bottom Wall (85 mm)
Temperature Range (°C) -26 to +8
Energy Consumption 1.62 Kwh/24hrs
Convertible Yes
Refrigerant R-290
Cabinet Lights Yes
No. Of Baskets 1
Door Type Double Doors
Handle External + Recessed
Net Weight (in Kg) 50


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