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NEC SL1000 - 24TXH-1-A Master Keyphone -10%

NEC SL1000 - 24TXH-1-A Master Keyphone

NPR. 11,700.00 NPR. 13,000.00
NEC SL1000 - AT-40 Telephone Set -10%

NEC SL1000 - AT-40 Telephone Set

NPR. 1,890.00 NPR. 2,100.00
NEC SL2100-IP7WW-12TXH-A1 Master Keyphone -10%

NEC SL2100-IP7WW-12TXH-A1 Master Keyphone

NPR. 10,800.00 NPR. 12,000.00
Caller ID Telephone Set -10%

Caller ID Telephone Set

NPR. 2,160.00 NPR. 2,400.00
SMB (Small & Medium Business) Telephone PABX System -10%
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Intercom system

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A two-way communication electronic device with circuitry for sending and receiving audio and/or video transmissions is called an intercom system. An intercom system can be used in offices, houses, etc.

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