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Washing Machine

Washing machine price in Nepal

Buy washing machine online in Nepal. Buy it now at Kinniho.com

Kinniho provides information on washing machines and its price in Nepal. A washing machine is one of the most essential appliances for every home. The machine which helps in washing and drying laundry items is called a washing machine. It is also known as an automatic washer. It has a barrel where users have to pour water and soap, it spins and pulls stinks and dust out of the clothes. There are three kinds of washing machines they are; top load agitator, front load, and top load impeller. Get the best washing machine price in Nepal at Kinniho. Buy online to get fast delivery, safe and secure payment, and reliable customer service.   

Check washing machine price in Nepal at Kinniho.com

You can check top washing machine brands along with their features and prices at Kinniho.com. You can buy every product at reasonable prices. Check out the price of LG washing machine, Samsung washing machine, CG washing machine, Godrej washing machine, and whirlpool washing machine at Kinniho. Also buy washing machines from other popular brands like Panasonic, TCL, sensei, SANSUI, Yasuda, SKYWORTH, IFB, Beko, Lifor, Hisense, and Awai at an attractive price through Kinniho.

Following mentions are some of the washing machine brands/models with their capacity and prices.


  1. Lg T2108VSAX 8 kg NRS 50,890.00
  2. Samsung WW81J54EOIW 8kg NRS 77,000.00
  3. Whirlpool 31228 8kg NRS 54,500.00
  4. Cg CGF1051B 10.0kg NRS 75,890.00
  5. Godrej WTEON ALR 705.0 FISNS COBR 7.0kg NRS 39,390.00


Buy washing machine on EMI

Customers holding credit cards can buy washing machines on EMI through Kinniho at a low-interest rate. You can directly contact Kinniho to submit your queries related to product and EMI services. Kinniho provides the fastest delivery service, safest payment services, and reliable customer service.  



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