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New Essco Water Heater (Essco Vertical)

Essco Water Heater (Essco Vertical)

1 ULT-ESS-V006 Essco Water Heater 6Ltr, 2kw,Size 375x285mm     17540

2 ULT-ESS-V010 Essco Water Heater 10Ltr, 2kw, Size 475x285mm  18740

3 ULT-ESS-V015 Essco Water Heater 15Ltr, 2kw,Size 440x380mm    20409

4 ULT-ESS-V025 Essco Water Heater 25Ltr, 2kw, Size 580x380mm   22531


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Nrs. 17,540.00

Details    Ultra Vertical Manual
Volume(L): 6  / 10 /15/ 25
Rated Wattage(KW): 2 Kw
Voltage / Frequency (V/Hz): 230/50Hz
Temperature Range: 25ºC to 75ºC
Product Dimension(HxW): 390x285mm , 445x335mm575x374 mm410x340mm
Working Pressure (Mpa): 0.8
Inlet / Outlet Connection (Inch):1/2"
Outer Body Material: Metallic
Warranty: 5 Years on Tank,2 Years on Heating Element and 2 Years on Other Components

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