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Godrej Refrigerator 260 Ltr. Model: RT EON 260 NL AQ BL -15%
Godrej Godrej Refrigerator 240 Ltr. MODEL RT EON 240 NL AQ BL -21%
Godrej Refrigerator 240 Ltr.  Model: RT EON 240 NL AQ WN -21%
Godrej Refrigerator 231 Ltr. Model: RT GFE 2700AD TH ST -21%
Sold Out

Godrej 190 Ltr Refrigerator Model-RD EDGE 205B 23 WHF ST WN

NPR. 32,390.00
Godrej Refrigerator 331 Ltr Model- RT EONVIBE 346B 25 HCIT ST RH -21%
Godrej Refrigerator 190 Ltr Model- RD EDGE 205B 23 WRF JT ST -15%
Sold Out
Godrej Refrigerator 190 Ltr Model- RD EDGE 205B 23 WHF ST WN -14%
Godrej Refrigerator 260 Ltr  Model- RT EONVIBE 276C 35 HCI SK PR -21%
Godrej Refrigerator 240 Ltr  Model-RT EONVALOR 256B 25 RCF ST RH -22%
Godrej Refrigerator 350 Ltr Model- RT EONVIBE 366B 25 HCIT ST RH -21%
Godrej Refrigerator 240 Ltr  Model-  RT EONVIBE 256C 35 HCI SK PR -21%


Buy Refrigerator/Fridge Online at Best Price in Nepal at Kinniho.com

 Refrigerators/Fridges Online Price in Nepal: Kinniho brings the branded refrigerator available in the market. Refrigerators, also known as freezers or fridges, are among the most useful inventions that science and creativity have given us for preserving perishable foods, fruits and vegetables, fresh pickles, drinks, and dairy goods or storing leftovers. One of the most expensive kitchen appliances is the refrigerator, but any investment in one should be based on long-term use. In Nepal, they are becoming increasingly popular, and practically every home has a refrigerator. The following types of refrigerators are often used in homes and businesses:

  • Single Door: A refrigerator with a single door of capacity 50-200L.
  • Double DoorThe two-door refrigerators have a separate door for the freezer and the fridge. It is budget-friendly and perfect for domestic use. There is a probe for changing temperature.
  • Mini RefrigeratorYou can fit a mini-fridge in a small area since it is portable and standalone. It offers a little amount of food storage on one or two drawers and practical door storage for a few drinks. Most mini-refrigerators have a volume between 1.7 and 4.5 cubic feet.

At kinniho.com Online Shopping, you can purchase refrigerators/freezers from a variety of brands, including Samsung, LG, CG, Whirlpool, Sensei, Yasuda, Baltra, Aura, Godrej, Panasonic, Skyworth, Baseus, Beko, Haier, liFor, Konka, and Hisense. We also deliver these refrigerators/freezers via our online shopping system both inside and outside the Kathmandu valley. Nowadays, buying online is simpler and less expensive than going to a store because of the websites' promised services and affordable prices. Through kinniho.com, you may order refrigerators, and we'll deliver the model of your choosing in Nepal within the promised time frame. Kinniho is also providing 10-15% discounts on LG and CG refrigerators. So place your order and grab this offer at kinniho.com.

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